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The Royal National Mòd, Scotland’s largest Gaelic Arts Festival, is taking place from 14th October – 22nd October 2022 & we are looking for volunteers to ensure that the event runs smoothly and efficiently. The event celebrates Gaelic language and culture and is fun, family friendly & offers something for everyone involved. We would be delighted if you wished to volunteer for this event, whether it be for a half day, full day or even more. We are sure you will enjoy your time!

If you would like to volunteer, please fill in the form below or download and fill in the print version of the form.

Further information can be accessed by emailing Lorna Hamilton at lfhamilton@virginmedia.com

Mòd Volunteers / Saor-thoilich a' Mhòid

MM slash DD slash YYYY
applicants must be 16yrs or older / Feumaidh tagraichean a bhith 16 no nas sine
Address / Seòladh(Required)
Email / Post-d(Required)
Are you a Gaelic speaker? / A bheil Gàidhlig labhairteach agad?
Do you have First Aid training? / A bheil trèanadh ciad-fhuasgladh agad?
Do you hold a MiDAS certificate?

Available Times October 2022 / Uairean rim faighinn Dàmhair 2022

Friday 14 / Dihaoine 14
Saturday 15 / Disathairne 15
Sunday 16 / Didòmhnaich 16
Monday 17 / Diluain 17
Tuesday 18 / Dimàirt 18
Wednesday 19 / Diciadain 19
Thursday 20 / Diardaoin 20
Friday 21 / Dihaoine 21
Saturday 22 / Disathairne 22

Data Protection / Dìon Dàta

The information you have supplied will be used for the purpose for which you have provided it and any relevant procedures following from this. This data will be maintained in accordance with the Data Protection Act and will not be passed on or sold to any other organisation without your prior approval unless this is a legal requirement.

Thèid am fiosrachadh a tha thu air a thoirt seachad a chleachdadh airson an adhbhar dhan tug thu seachad e agus modhan iomchaidh sam bith ri linn sin. Thèid an dàta seo a ghleidheadh a rèir na h-Achd Dìon Dàta agus cha tèid a chur air adhart no a reic ri buidheann sam bith eile gun aonta bhuat ro-làimh mura h-eil sin na riatanas a rèir an lagha.

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