Mrs McDonald used 4 1/4 gallons of water to water her flowers .if she used 1/4 of the water on her flowers daisies , how many gallons of water did she use on the daisies?

Accepted Solution

the amount of water she used to water her flowers was 4 1/4 .
she has used 1/4 of this water to water her daisies.
therefore 1/4 of the water she used was to water daisies.
then its 1/4 of 4 1/4.
if we write 4 1/4 as an improper fraction , 4 wholes equal to 16/4 + 1/4 = 17/4. then we have to find 1/4 of 17/4 which is [tex] \frac{1*17}{4*4} = \frac{17}{16} [/tex].
then we can mulitply the denominators by denominators and numerators by numerators. then answer is 17/16.
If we divide 17 by 16 we get 1.0625

she used 1.0625 gallons of water to water daisies